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Learn More About Winnipeg Dry Eye Spa

Winnipeg Dry Eye Spa Innovative Dry Eye Treatment Centre

There’s nothing more important than your well-being. But when it comes to our eyes, their health and vitality is something that often gets overlooked. You may think of an optometrist when it comes to improving vision, but at EITV, we know a healthy eye is so much more than simply what you see.

That’s why we’ve created a new way to think about and experience ocular health. One that combines cutting edge treatments and therapies, with the expertise and comfort of the staff and facilities at Eyes in the Village. One that’s just as much about feeling good, as it is looking your best. And one that rejuvenates, enhances, and optimizes every aspect of one of your body’s greatest assets.

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Treating Dry Eye Like Never Before


Conveniently located at 134 Osborne Street, in one of our favourite neighbourhoods in the world.

Dry eye seems like a simple issue. Your eyes are dry, so you need to add moisture, right? Unfortunately, dry eye is actually a complex and multifactorial issue that can be a challenge to deal with. But with noninvasive, efficient, and effective treatments that feature state of the art technology, EYESPA treats dry eye at the root of the problem, and offers dramatic benefits.

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Patient Testimonials

Excellent experience, all around. Polite. Friendly. Patient, despite my numerous questions.

I have had a series of four Lumecca treatments with Dr. Benji over the past few months on referral from my ophthalmologist and optometrist. I appreciated the extra time Dr. Benji took in the initial appointment to answer my many questions and explain all parts of the procedure thoroughly. His warm manner and professionalism are also evident in the front office staff who are also friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I recommend this entire practice wholeheartedly. Susan Wiens
2 years ago
- Harry W.
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Personalized Care. Unparalleled Service.

EYESPA was designed to be more than just a treatment centre. It’s a place where you can better understand ocular health, receive one-on-one consultations with our doctors, and ensure your needs will be taken care of.

Discover why people come from across the country to make EYESPA an essential part of their lives.

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Meet Our Eye Doctors

The team at Winnipeg Dry Eye Spa, headed by Dr. Luke Small and Dr. Gina Small and , have expertise in applying the most recent, proven medical treatments that offer exceptional outcomes in dry eye care.

Dr. Luke Small, OD
Dr. Gina Small, OD
Dr. Madeleine Schuchardt OD

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