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A New Era in Dry Eye Treatment & Care

Nestled in the heart of Winnipeg, we're your gateway to total ocular and optical wellness, offering cutting-edge solutions for even the most chronic dry eye.

Understanding Dry Eyes

Dry eyes go beyond a simple lack of tears. It's a complex mix of factors ranging from age to inflammation, environmental influences, and more, all of which demand a nuanced approach. At Winnipeg Dry Eye Spa, our advanced technologies and seasoned eye doctors diagnose and treat dry eyes with precision. From over-the-counter solutions to therapeutic light treatments like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and heat therapy (Forma), we tailor our methods to restore comfort and clarity.

Going Deeper: Effective Dry-Eye Syndrome Treatment

For those facing persistent dry-eye issues, we delve deeper into the root causes. Whether age-related tear production decline, contact lens discomfort, or extended digital device use, we're here to offer professional insights and personalized solutions. Our team specializes in medical interventions including Restasis, Xiidra or Cequa to innovative options like Endoret (Plasma Rich Growth Factor) where a
patient's own plasma is used as an eye drop to help treat advanced dry eye

Here are some of our treatment options:
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Say goodbye to fine lines and embrace rejuvenated eyes with our non-invasive Radiofrequency Therapy. This treatment stimulates collagen formation by using RF energy to generate heat, opening clogged tear glands for improved tear production. Paired with meibomian gland expression, it's a holistic approach to revitalizing your eyes. Optimal results often require 3-4 sessions, with touch-ups for a lasting impact.

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Experience the transformative power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. Beyond addressing irregular skin discoloration, IPL has emerged as a non-invasive remedy for dry eyes. Gentle pulses of light decrease and often eliminate the small extraneous blood vessels that bring inflammatory markers to the lid margins and stimulate collagen formation, open clogged tear glands, and enhance tear production. The result? Swift recovery and noticeable improvement.